3 times Sarkodie used ‘controversy’ to promote his ‘Can’t Let You Go’ song


Award Winning rapper Michael Owusu Addo who is known in showbiz fraternity as Sarkodie is mostly referred to as the influential act devoid of controversies. Sarkodie’s brand is a big brand of which controversy is the last of it.

You hardly find the BET award winner dwelling on controversies to promote his projects. But this time around he takes a twist of events as on three instances Sarkodie used controversy to promote his current banger dubbed “ Can’t let you go “ which is a song for his newly wedded wife, Tracy. The song echoes the vow the two had during their wedding weeks ago.

Here are 3 instances Sarkodie used Controversy to promote his new song.

1.Tracy Sarkcess’ Infamous Comment On The Bank Of Ghana-Menzgold Saga

Surprised? Don’t be surprised as anything is possible in showbiz. But wait a minute, Why is Sarkodie’s Wife involved in this.

The song is about her and yes! She needs to be in the picture to promote the song. The easiest way to capitalize on controversies is to dwell on trending issues or news.

You remember her comment on the bank of Ghana – Mezgold saga. Come on, who wasn’t talking about Tracy Sarkcess; she was virtually all over the headlines because of her comment on the issue.

It can be recalled that she ‘schooled’ the central bank of their roles by telling them to channel their energy to focus on the banks rather than focusing on Menzgold.

Tracy has been the quiet type and not like the “all over the place “ women.So why now? Your guess is as good as mine.

Definitely to promote a song meant for her.

Here is Tracy Sarkcess’ comment:

“Menzgold doesn’t take deposit. They buy gold with the money you give them and work with that gold to give you a return on your investment. Which the last time I checked was around 10%. BOG should rather concentrate on the banks that are misappropriating people’s money rather than the ones actually making money for its people. .”

2. Sarkodie’s Tweet On The “Am Not On Your Level “People.

Sarkodie recently tweeted an emotional message which got all the attention.

He took to his twitter handle to express his sentiments on the behaviour of some people in his life.

According to the “you go kill me ‘hitmaker’, he could not fathom why some people do not embrace the ‘shield of humility’ but always act like “you not on my level.” He added that this world is uncertain as the person you disregard today might be the one to save you in the near future. This tweet set social media ablaze as Some linked the tweet to a betrayal by a family member or friend. Again, controversy was spotted there.

3. The Easter Accident Tweet

This was the last tweet before Sarkodie dropped the “Can’t Let you go” Song which featured King Promise.

After 4 months since the incident happened, Sarkodie suddenly remembered to thank the good people that helped him when he was involved in an accident along the Kumasi road somewhere in April.

In his tweet, he was appreciative of their assistance. He added that he would have loved to contact them but he lost their contact but they should contact him if they manage to get his contact.

Again it got all the attention and virtually everyone was talking about it.



Months ago when I had my accident on the Kumasi road I was helped by these Good people on their way to Accra and I lost their contacts … wasn’t able to contact them after … please where ever you are God richly bless you and please get in touch if you got my number ??

Were the above ‘the influence’ Sarkodie commands? or it was backed by controversies to boost the promotion of his upcoming song. Virtually all the artistes dwell on controversies to survive in the system.

So let’s leave our dear Shatta Wale alone after all he is not the only one who dwells on controversies to promote projects.

“We all Dey inside”. No one Is a saint in this game.

Relax your mind, infuse your mind with the melody of love and enjoy the latest banger from the King of Ghana rap.

“can’t let you go” because am so much in love with this song.

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