Black Woman Creates Daily Room Rental App The First To Compete Against AirBnB


Sometimes you venture out on something without really planning to make history. And when it is successful, you never really know how big your achievement is until you realize that you have just made history.

Lately may black women have been making history across the nation, overcoming the odds that face the women of color. And to some extent, this kind of progress is significantly making a great impact on other young women of color. Now, another black woman has made history by having her portal website and app become the first ever to compete in the same space as AirBnB. She called her website DRR – essentially meaning Daily Room Rentals . Her company is based in Las Vegas Nevada, gut it has service travelers and room renters from all over the globe.

It is said, that the mother of all inventions is necessity. And indeed this was the story behind the creation of DRR. When Burch was in need of a room to rent for a day, she searched to no avail and realized that there was a huge void in the industry. At the time, her house was on hire, and she therefore opted to fill in this gap by creating that niche. She went ahead to create a site that is the very first of its kind; which allows the hosts to rent out their rooms on a daily basis, meaning more rental income. And with it came the birth of the famous slogan, ‘turn your spare room into spare cash.’

Basically, Burch has created an opportunity for anyone who has a spare room to make extra cash with it. She believes that wherever there are hotels, then DRR business can flourish there. And on their site, there are steps to follow for anyone who can be willing to become a DRR host. It is also a fun venture considering that as a host you get to earn money from your home without having to go anywhere.

Burch is the author of one the best-selling book How to Make Our Mortgage in a Weekend, and is also a vacation home rental owner. She has partnered with the leading travel company in the world to ensure that her venture into the competitive industry of room accommodation was not met with difficulties.

BN reports on the benefits of DRR, writing, “Room and board has long been a practice to supplement income in many ethnic communities for over a century. Turning your spare room into spare cash makes just as much sense as driving for a rideshare company. DRR has provided a platform to make it as easy as one, two, and three. According to Cathy, some of her DRR hosts are able to cover their entire monthly expenses from a weekend rental. Tourist towns are lucrative but the Cathy feels where ever there is a hotel there is a market for DRR.”

In her own words, she says, “Basically people have to lay their head somewhere so why not your room.”


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