You can now wear Pajamas to work and look super stylish


True morning story: It’s time to change out of your cozy pajamas into crisp, often rigid business wear. But what if you didn’t have to?

Entrepreneurs Julia Ford-Carther and Rosaria Chozas thought long and hard about that question and co-founded what they call “Bammies,” a new apparel line that mixes sleepwear and workwear.



The brand’s name comes from “business jammies” and caters to women who want to seamlessly transition from the home to the office and then out for a night on the town. In what they call the “elastic revolution,” the two are seeking to make comfort ultra chic.


“It’s about authentic self-expression and we want to minimize your decision fatigue in the morning,” Ford-Carther tells Mashable. “We want you to feel confident in knowing that you can quickly choose a Bammies item, throw it on, style it with other staples in your closet and not have to worry about the message you’re sending throughout the day.”

The inaugural collection is comprised of six pieces: a blazer, top, tee, gaucho pant and dress. The pieces come in neutral tones, making them easy to mix and match. With prices ranging from $80-$170, you can own the entire collection for less than $750.

The two came together last January at at conference for women and technology. Almost immediately, both became friends and discovered they were on the same wave-length when it came to their idea to start something like Bammies.


Though many other brands have tackled the concept of catering to this “working woman/woman on-the-go” demographic, Ford-Carther and Chozas emphasize that Bammies is just as much about femininity as it is about practicality. They characterized their brand as “realistic,” “style-forward,” “versatile” and “honest,” among other descriptors.

“Yes, Bammies is highlighting the practical nature of fashion, [but] we’re also really focused on celebrating the feminine part of the experience,” Chozas tells Mashable. “We need clothes that cater to our multi-faceted lifestyle without overshadowing the many layers of our ‘womanness.'”


The collection is available for pre-sale on the Bammies site for 30 days. If Ford-Carther and Chozas meet their reserve after those 30 days, they will launch the production of their first line.

Their future plans? “World domination,” Ford-Carther joked. But seriously, a world full of chic pajamas is one we wouldn’t mind living in. Dominate away, ladies.




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