Ken Thompson writes: Collapsed banks did not fail; they were greedy, reckless

On August 2nd we woke up to 30 banks. When we went to bed a day before there were 34 banks. Five banks that had ‘kaput’ had now become Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited. Five had become one; UniBank, Sovereign Bank, Construction Bank, BEIGE Bank, and Royal Bank has been ‘consolidated’ to form a new entity […]

Trump Is Far From Any Of God’s Prophets

Why are many writers quoting the scriptures and prophecies comparing them to the works of Donald Trump? Trump said he wants to make America great...

NDC’s Boycott Of Ghana Card Will Not Hurt A Fly

It has precedent. I am, of course, referring to the rather politically lame decision by the leaders of the country's main opposition National Democratic...

Dear Victoria, Hairy Men Drive Me Crazy–Worried Lady Writes

Hello Victoria, thanks for accepting my message request. I'm on your friends list, but i had to create this additional account to tell you my...

Frustrations and Hardships under NPP government compell people to react angrily.-Journalist Komfa

I will begin to say Frustrations and Hardship under this NPP government is a contributing factor to what just happened between the Police and...

Why is Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) Obviously Loquacious to Incur Public Hatred?

Is he? If yes, it is for good reasons. If about 50% of Ghanaian parliamentarians were sensibly loquacious in their aspirations to serve the...

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