Eggs Can Be Poisonous! Here’s How To Get It Safe

As already established, eggs are a ridiculously rich source of protein — in addition to at least 12 important vitamins and minerals. Well, the germs...
Office Dresses, TV Presenter

A week in the style of a TV Presenter; find out where you can...

The 44-year-old TV presenter and her ITV stylist, Debbie Harper, put together her outfits for the week with catwalk precision. Susanna, who is part of...
Teen couple

See photos of 16-year-old Chinese couple

In China where many aspects of family life remains heavily regulated, a recent wedding held for two 16-year-olds reignited the debate on early marriage. Pictures...
Asha Mandela

Meet the woman with the longest dreadlocks as she marries her stylist

Woman with world’s longest dreadlocks,  Asha Mandela from Florida has married Emmanuel Chege. She married Emmanuel who is a certified hair stylist from Kenya after...
Afua Rida

Ladies, here’s how to be HOT and SEXY

Being a hot and sexy female every man wants is easier than it seems; and you don’t have to be a size 2 to...
Muscle lady

Muscle lady. Sexy or nah? (See Photo)

Sexy or nah?   Credit: LindaIkejiblog
Happy black couple

Valentine’s Day: 5 facts you might not know about love and sex

Underneath the gaudy red roses, stuffed teddy bears clutching tacky velvet hearts, and eye-wateringly expensive weekend getaways, Valentine's Day is a wonderful chance to celebrate...
Make up

Here’s the right way to apply foundation

Since flawless skin is the basis of every great makeup look, how you apply your foundation will set the tone for the rest of...
happy couple

The 1 thing happy couples do every day

My entire life, I've been surrounded by successful relationships. My parents are just as in love with one another as the day they met....
Work out picture

Here’s what happens to your body when you take a break from exercise

You’re bound to miss a workout or two every once in awhile. But c’mon, how much of a difference can a few missed workouts...

How God Can Heal A Marriage Broken By Betrayal

Betrayal My head was in his lap and I was looking up at the ceiling, wondering how I had gotten here. My little girl hopes...

Hijab wearing doll becomes social media sensation

Barbie has had another makeover. This time as a hijab-wearing Muslim. It was only last month that Mattel gave Barbie a dramatic transformation with a variety of...

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