World's oldest person

191-year-old woman living and kicking in Nigeria!

The Guinness Book of Records recognizes 112-year-old Yasutaro Koide from Japan as the oldest person alive, but they just might have to amend the...

Pope John Paul II letters reveal intimate relationship with married woman

  Pope John Paul II had an emotionally intimate “affair” with a married Polish-American philosopher, according to a treasure trove of just-unearthed personal letters.   The National...

Boy executed at age 14 exonerated 70 years after his death

A 14-year-old black boy sent to the electric chair for the killing of two white girls has been exonerated – 70 years after his...

4-member British band, manager killed after vehicle plunges 80ft into Swedish canal

Five Britons have been killed after their car fell more than 80ft from a bridge into a canal in Sweden. Police spokeswoman Eva Nilsson said...

This woman plunged her step son into boiling water and killed him

A four-year-old boy died after his stepmother plunged him into boiling water as punishment. Ohio police answered a call from Anna Ritchie on Wednesday morning after...

Graphic Photos: Gunmen shoot two soldiers dead at Bole

Two soldiers have been shot dead by gunmen at Bole in the Northern region. The soldiers, whose identities are yet to be confirmed, were part...

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