Dear Victoria, Hairy Men Drive Me Crazy–Worried Lady Writes


Hello Victoria, thanks for accepting my message request.

I’m on your friends list, but i had to create this additional account to tell you my problems as I feel shy to let you know the real me.

The issue is i’m in my early thirties, I’ve always been attracted to hairy guys, when I see a guy with beard and chest hair, it drives me crazy.

My ex was very hairy, I remember I loved to run my hands all over his chest and I felt so happy.

We had to go our seperate ways painfully because his parents didn’t approve of our relationship because of my tribe.

He was Ewe and I’m a Fante.
Out of frustration he moved out of the country and he’s not been back since.

Ever since we broke up, I’ve attempted two other relationships, they were both hairy too, but none of it worked out.

In January this year, I went for a seminar and i met a nice gentleman, we got talking and he expressed interest in me.

He’s kind, good looking, gainfully employed and so caring.

He’s very serious and wants to marry me in December.

I should have been happy and contented, but guess what sister Vic, he doesn’t have a single strand of hair on his chest, i know it might sound silly, but I believe we all have our specs when looking for a partner, and I want hair on my husband’s chest.

I mentioned it to my mom and she insulted me to the high heavens, told me she used to love tall men till she met my dad, he’s short, but she compromised and settled down with him, we don’t get everything we want in life.

She’s promised to disown me if I don’t marry the guy,besides I’m not getting any younger.

Please tell me, am i being silly or I should wait for a hairy man to come along?

Victoria’s advice:
If he has about ninety percent of the qualities you need in a man,then it would help for you to settle down, especially as you mentioned you’re growing, besides, you can’t have all your specs hundred percent fulfilled in a partner.We all compromise at one point in time or another.
But if you absolutely know you can’t look beyond the hairless chest, then you it’s better you make a clean break, i think the poor guy deserves to have someone who will love him genuinely.

Look deep into your heart and make a decision that you can be at peace with.

All the best!!


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