EDMAT foundation launches 10th anniversary celebration


The Education and management training foundation (EDMAT), a Ghanaian Non- Governmental Organization aimed at enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the Ghanaian education system have successfully launched its 10th anniversary celebration.

Speaking at the launch which was held at the premises of Doxa citadel in Haatso -Accra, Executive Director of EDMAT foundation, Dr. Robert Okyne stated that EDMAT is very passionate about education that is why the NGO have been conducting series of workshop on leadership and effective school management, effective schools supervision, among other modules training for heads, assistant heads and senior staff of basic and senior high schools throughout the country for the last decade.

He advised the Ghana Education Service to control the circuit supervisors assigned to various districts in the country to ensure they don’t interfere in the works of the school heads. He said research conducted by EDMAT indicates some of the heads of schools have become powerless due to the interference of these circuit supervisors, citing the villages and remote areas as a great example.

He bemoaned how today’s student have abused the use social media saying “students invest so much of their time in posting pictures, unpleasant videos and unwanted comments on social media instead of conducting series of meaningful research on the internet to enhance their education yet it seems so difficult for them to do so which is a great worry for this country” He said.

He commended the efforts of the members of EDMAT foundation saying “today, we commence the celebration of ten years of consistent work in augmenting the skills of leadership in our educational sector and building human capacity”.

Meanwhile Chief Servant of the Doxa Citadel Church , Francisca Duncan Williams solicited for support for EDMAT foundation ahead of their grand celebration of their 10th anniversary which is slated for 25th August 2018 and also urged today’s youth to be fashionable with Christ.

source; Modernafrika.com

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