Eggs Can Be Poisonous! Here’s How To Get It Safe


As already established, eggs are a ridiculously rich source of protein — in addition to at least 12 important vitamins and minerals.

Well, the germs around us also know this fact, and are eager to utilise this life-dependent nutrient too.

Now that we have buried the ‘egg-cholesterol-danger’ myth, and can soundly eat our eggs, albeit healthily, let’s observe the following to avoid possible foooborne illness.

When buying eggs, always select clean uncracked eggs. Dirty and cracked eggs may carry salmonella — a food-poisoning bacterium.

Dirty eggs must be cleaned appropriately before use.

Consider gently cleaning slightly dirty eggs with a clean cloth, paper towel or plastic scourer.

Dirtier eggs may be cleaned with a damp cloth. However, ensure that the cloth itself is clean and the cleansing water lukewarm — not hot!

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source: Thecorpotate Dietician

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