Frustrations and Hardships under NPP government compell people to react angrily.-Journalist Komfa


I will begin to say Frustrations and Hardship under this NPP government is a contributing factor to what just happened between the Police and the Nursing mother. This hardship is apparently unbearable for an ordinary Ghanaian.

All the gratifying campaign promises that warmed the cockles of our heart seems to be nugatory and worthless and for that matter I am not seeing any change from this current government.

During the 2016 elections a lot of voters both NPP and NDC felt the beat of rains of sweet talks from both candidates that is John Dramani Mahama and Nana Akuffo Addo. To my point of view I think the one with more convincing talks won the heart of the many thus made him to win the election.

Now since NPP is the current government I will be throwing more light on them. The main campaign promises of NPP during the 2016 election was to create Jobs and also bring Free SHS etc.

Everyone will bear with me that now Ghanaians are enjoying Free Shs in our second cycle schools but no jobs for the youths and many Ghanaians.

Now the unemployment situation is very alarming making a lot of Ghanaians engaging in illegal activities to earn a living. About 60% of our youths are unemployed which is a great threat to our nation. Out of frustrations most of the youths now engage in taking drugs like Tramadol, Marijuana etc.

Let’s bounce back to the incident that happened between the nursing mother and the Police. Upon critically listening to the Lady who was beaten by the police. I couldn’t find out that the lady was frustrated out of hardship under NPP government thus making her reacted angrily towards the staffs of the Midland Savings and Loan.

A Lady with a newly born baby and other children having just 270 cedis as her all-time money is very sad under NPP government.

People are really suffering, it could happen that the Police man was even already annoyed and frustrated due to hardship before he was order to drive the lady from the banking hall.

As the Proverbs says a Hungry man is and an angry man. The way the man was very angry in the video obviously indicated that he was not only furious about the situation also had an external anger within him already.

To end my submission, NPP government should listen to the cry of the people and create jobs. Buying luxuries V8 cars and houses for ministers and MPs while the people who voted for them are facing hardship and frustrations is a very sad.

Donating money to the lady alone cannot solve the problem, they should hit the street and see how Ghanaians are suffering.

I pray Almighty God touch the heart of the President for him to create more jobs for the youth

Thank you
Written by : Komfa Ishmael Ofori
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