Iraisers Ghana Celebrates 6th Award Ceremony


 Iraisers Ghana, a branch of Iraisers international has held its 6th award ceremony in Ghana where some members of the charity driven company were rewarded with a host of items including ipads, laptops, projectors and a car.

Speaking to Mrs. Blessing Ajayi, one of Iraiser’s leaders in Ghana, she noted rewarding loyal members is very important yet the aim of the company is to impact positively on the lives of Ghanaians through empowerment and series of skill training.

She urged Ghanaians to patronize Iraisers saying “this world is gradually becoming a technological world therefore in view of this that is why Iraisers have come up with a network marketing which many have already benefited from it including the latest award winners”.

She also encouraged the Ghanaian youth to be fashionable with their maker and focus on bettering their lives because the future starts now.

Meanwhile African representative of Iraisers International, Apostle Bukky commended leaders and members of Iraisers for their tireless efforts and encouraged them to do more because hard work always breeds success.


iRaisers is an online service based empowerment  multilevel marketing system with the aim to lift the poor out of poverty by providing platform for them to realize their wealthy potentials.

IRaisers originated in USA and was launched in Africa specifically Ghana, on the 11th of January, 2016 and was registered on the 10th of February, 2016.

We are expanding to other countries. Nigeria has hooked up seriously and moving including Cameroon, Republic of Benin, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Rwanda, Togo, Gabon, South Africa, Zambia, etc.

Having “Raising lives  without Exception” as the iRaisers motto; iRaisers was created solely out of the passion to raise everyone without exception, achieve a better life with financial freedom through its revolutionary business of blending humanitarian aid and multi-level marketing system.

iRaisers is a member of International and National Investment Fund Group and Germany Angel Investment Association, with the objectives of reducing the rate of unemployment, change lives by looking into what one can do, instruct one and get one moving, thereby helping to achieve one’s dream(s).

This is a group envisions a world where all people can enjoy a life free of barriers to their full participation in society. Where everyone can realize their potential and actualize their dreams.

As an NGO our main concern is to cater for our members and the less privilege. To improve the well-being of our members in the society and we affect lives of others through our members.

 Our Vision

To help the needy and the less privileged in society and empower people rise above their present challenges, make a life for themselves and seeing them succeed.

  Our Mission
▶To touch lives of people ( non members) through our members.

▶To empower members (globally) to be skillful thereby creating wealth and job opportunities for others.

▶To engage members in a business opportunity via a genuinely proven and tested platform called referral network marketing.

iRaisers empower people that are constrained financially in their interest areas of business and we specialize in supporting and helping people achieve their dream.

With entrepreneurship and raising of money for starters as our core values, we give you(our members) an opportunity to generate the needed
income to kick start your own business.

iRaisers provides services that improves the lives of our members and non-members (less privileged, widows and the needy), we support and
help people achieve “Their desired Lifestyle”.

iRaisers free skill acquisition training for members interested area like fish/poultry farming, Soap/Air fresher production, Yoghout Production,  Graphic design, Satellite installation etc has affected many lives for the better.

International paid trips and other incentives like Cars, Houses, all-in-one desktop computers, Laptops, tablets and many more are parts of the benefits and rewards for members activities.

So far in Ghana, iRaisers has given out over 600 Tablets and projectors, over 200 laptops, over 20 All-in-one desktops and 6 cars. Some of our members have enjoyed great trips to Dubai. 25 members will be representing Ghana in Kigali summit, come 22nd to 26th August, 2018.

In iRaisers, everyone is a winner.
IRaisers…. raising lives without exception!


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