Man kills girlfriend; texts her ex to admit crime


A maniacal Montana man murdered his girlfriend, then texted her ex-husband to tell the man he’d done the disturbing deed, police say.

Cops found 37-year-old Darcy Buhmann shot dead inside her Bozeman home early Wednesday after boyfriend Anthony Tobias Fagiano, 35, sent the text messages to family members before turning himself in to police.


“I just killed the whore it’s best for you, she’ll never be faithful,” Fagiano wrote to the ex shortly before 5:30 a.m.

Police later found Fagiano outside headquarters, smoking a cigarette. He admitted to the crime and when asked if Buhmann needed medical attention, replied, “No man, she’s dead, I popped her in the head.”


Around the same time, police found Buhmann shot dead in her home, where she had cowered in a closet as Fagiano closed in.

He told police he broke a window to get into the home and kill Buhmann, who had taken out two restraining orders against him during their year of courtship. The most recent was issued on Feb. 21.



“It took less than one month, and we have a homicide,” Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert said in court as he asked the judge for bail to be set at $1 million. “He has violent tendencies. He’s an extreme risk to the members of this community.”

Fagiano, a hulking bodybuilder who posted on his Facebook page about weightlifting, smirked during the court appearance made via video link.



The madman told police that he’d stolen a semi-automatic rifle from a friend and then bought ammunition for the gun, according to court documents obtained by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. He’d planned to kill Buhmann for “several months,” he told police.

She’d hidden in a closet before he broke in around 4:30 a.m., shot her in the stomach and then once in the head, Fagiano told police.


woman and children

The accused murderer has past convictions for domestic battery, misdemeanor assault, DUI and violated probation in 2014 after a felony offense, according to the Daily Chronicle.

He’s being held on $1 million bail.


“This case is an example of why domestic violence matters need to be taken so seriously,” Lambert said, according to the newspaper.

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