New mum has powerful message for stranger who questioned her baby weight


A mum-of-two from has spoken out about a comment made to her during a shopping trip. 

Lindsey Kay Self, from Perrysburg, Ohio, was asked by a man in the when she was expecting.

In a post made to Facebook, she wrote: ‘I laughed and told him, “If you’re asking when I’m expecting my nine-week-old to sleep for longer than 45 minutes, I’m hoping soon”.’


From that moment on, she noticed the man sink from confident to embarrassed, holding an obvious look of shame.

Lindsey, who had left it at that during the time in the store, went on to write: ‘I wish I would have said more. I wish I would have told him that there is nothing to be ashamed of – not for him or me.’

In the incredibly moving post, which was accompanied by a bunch of adorable photographs with her kids, she went on to talk about the wonderful things a body can do:



‘This body grew a freaking human (two of them, for that matter) and has continued to nourish said human for 9 weeks,’ she wrote. 

‘This body isn’t shameful, this body is amazing. It barely resembles the body is once was – it has grown and stretched and has a few scars to prove it. Just like my heart that loves more than I could have ever imagined.’

Following her inspiring post, she offered us all an important little reminder.



‘Thank your mom, and your baby momma, and your friend who can’t seem to lose that last ten pounds and the lady at the beach trying to hide her stretch marks as she chases her three-year-old who is trying to eat sand.


‘Parenting is not for the faint of heart, and we are never the same for it. If you have a bump because you were given the gift to carry a child be proud, not ashamed, for it’s a gift denied to many.’


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