NPP has become a heartless party – Lady patriot laments


A former firebrand and ardent leading member of the New Patriotic Party,(NPP) at the Kwadaso constituency, Esther Nana Agyemang has advised leaders of the NPP to have an emergency talks with the president of Ghana, his excellency President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo else she fears the party will lose election 2020.

Speaking to Kwaku Skirt on a political show dubbed “Ka na wu” on apple 68 fm, in the United States of America,  she bemoaned that,  some actions of the president suggests he no longer care about the well- being of Ghanaians talk less of heeding to the call of Ghanaians.

She says for so long, Nana Addo has enjoyed the autocratic way of ruling , dating back from the party’s days of been in opposition to date which is very disturbing and unacceptable yet some leaders of the party have been silent about these actions because they fear they will lose their various positions.

She said it’s about time the NPP showed that they have leaders because the actions of the presidents have already made some Ghanaians believe the party has now become heartless which is a big blow to sympathizers of the NPP party.

She said as at now if comparisons are drawn between the governance of Ex President Mahama  and  our current President’s governance she wouldn’t be surprise millions of Ghanaians will go for Mahama;s administration because Nana Addo has prioritized his personal interest over the country’s needs.

She noted that’s the Free SHS education system is good yet its now a worrying factor in Ghana because students are not receiving quality education due to the over populated classrooms.

Amissah-Arthur’s wife’s outburst

Touching on the outburst of wife of former Vice-President Paa Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur, she stated that its about Ghanaians politicians noted that hypocrisy is no longer tolerated in this country because she clearly remembers how her own party maltreated the former vice president by calling him many harsh names and to some extent tagged him as a gay so she is therefore commending Mrs. Amissah for pouring her heart out because that could finally be the game changer in Ghanaian politics.


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