Photos: Meet Kim Kardashian’s ‘twin’ from Dubai


Kim Kardashian has inspired countless fans to copy her style and follow her beauty tips – but this woman doesn’t need any extra help to look like the reality star.

In fact, the strangers look so alike – fans are having trouble telling them apart.


Beauty blogger Sonia lives in Dubai, and fans noticed the similarities after she started an Instagram page with her sister, Fyza, a makeup artist.

Sonia Ali, a beauty blogger based in Dubai

The pair share make-up tips alongside photos of models who Fyza has worked with – and Sonia regularly posts selfies too.


Sonia Ali, a beauty blogger based in Dubai


Sonia Ali, a beauty blogger based in Dubai

With long brunette locks and the same complexion as Kim, as well as near-identical features, it’s no surprise she’s quickly become a viral sensation.

Sonia told Buzzfeed: “I always get it at airports and when I’m shopping, more when I visit the USA.”


She added: “I have never seen it but my family and friends always would say there was a resemblance.

“Regardless of what look I go for, there will always be that one person who mentions that I look like her.”

The brunette beauty even proved she’s naturally Kim’s double by posting a selfie without a scrap of make-up – and we can barely tell them apart.


TV personality Kim Kardashian

“The majority of our following is from the Middle East, because we appreciate beauty and makeup here a lot,” Sonia told the site.

“We actually share beauty tips and go into depth on our blog.”

She added: “My sister and I always say how we like the way they made it acceptable to be dark-haired, tanned and curvy to society.”



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