Please don’t bleach; we like you like this – Fan begs Wendy Shay over her latest photo


Shay posted this photo to her Instagram page with an indication that she took that photo in South Africa where she reportedly shot the video for her ‘Bedroom Commando’.

Wendy Shay wrote: “Flashback Friday where it all started #bedroomcommando#rufftownrecords #shayfans#bedroomcommando #southafrica.”

Many of her fans and followers have praised her looks in the photo, and’s eye caught one comment by a fan who was begging Wendy Shay not to bleach her skin.

We cannot tell why this fan, Pounds, made this comment; if Wendy’s skin in this photo looks bleached or whether he was just admiring her skin complexion and so was just offering an advise to her.

According to him, Wendy Shay should not bleach her skin because Ghanaians love her just the way she is. poundz4u: “@wendyshayofficial my bae…pls don’t bleach ur skin errh…we love u like that.”

There were many other compliments for Wendy Shay over her photo. For instance Daniel observed that Shay was looking gorgeous.

agyapongkdaniel: “You are looking pretty good gorgeous beautiful perfect.”

Peggy wrote that Wendy Shay’s beauty is making her want to come to Africa.

lonepeggy12: “You looking beautiful I do love to come see African.” Justicia blessed Wendy Shay.

justiciaagyenim: “My queen u are blessed??.” Mellisamashigo admired Wendy Shay’s looks.

mellisamashigo: “Yay! I love this look! .”

Wendy Shay has been in the news recently following her new song ‘Bedroom Commando’ in which she was allegedly forcing her boyfriend to “squeeze her tomatoes”.

Wendy Shay has also been in the news for her hairstyle which fans described as a one-way weave-on.

She was blasted for allegedly wearing the same weave-on for three months. But Wendy Shay responded to her critics, explaining that that was not the same hair even if it was the same hairstyle.

Bullet, her boss, and CEO of RuffTown Records, waded into the controversy, claiming that Wendy Shay’s ‘one-way’ weave is her brand.

He claimed also that the hair has earned Wendy an ambassadorial deal.

Wendy Shay is also on record for saying that despite they are all unique in their own ways, it is normal for people to compare her with the late Ebony Reigns.


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