Here are some reasons why you are still single…


Have you  ever paused to wonder why all your friends are in relationships but you seem to be the odd sailor out? Well if you fall into this criteria then this article is just for you. There are loads of things that you unknowingly do that pushes potential relationships away from you. Wanna know those things? Well here is a list


1. You hardly have time.

Are you the sort of guy/girl that wakes up 6am, goes to work and doesn’t come back till the sun sets? Then you can’t expect to start a relationship anytime soon. It’s okay to love your work, but you have to carve a time out for yourself. Create time out of the ‘no time’ schedule and make room for love.

2. Expecting too much.

It is okay to have high expectations but sometimes you just have to level with reality. You might be a guy that wants a tall fair and busty lady but only short dark skinny girls seem to be coming your way. Make due with what you get. You might be surprised. It might work out best with the person you least expected.


3. Past trauma.

Without knowing it, you might be lingering on past traumas of old relationships. Probably your man/woman let you down in a big way and you are instinctively afraid to venture into another relationship because you are scared of getting hurt. This pushes the potential relationships away. You have to understand that every disappointment in life is a scar and you cannot get through life without these scars. So try to flush this past trauma down the drain and give love another chance.

4. Too quick to judge.

I have a friend that would go on a date and come back after a few hours with a hundred negative remarks about his date. Doing this will get you nowhere. A fault finding attitude is the quickest way to dissolve a relationship. Though you never get a second chance for a first impression it is always good to delay your opinion about the guy/girl. Give it time, the first date might be a disaster but that doesn’t mean you should stop there. Go for a second and a third. Like they say “If at first you don’t succeed you can always try again”.


5. You just might not be ready.

Perhaps the reason you push potential relationships away is because deep down you know you are not ready. The essence of a relationship is to have someone – a counterpart that will always be with you someone in with whom you make all the decisions. Some people venture into relationships because they ‘want’ to and not because they ‘need’ to. You don’t have to jump into a relationship just because all friends around you are engaged. You might subconsciously think to yourself often ‘ I don’t think I want a relationship now because I don’t need it’. If so then enjoy the single world, there are no laws against you being single. Lol

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