If someone really loves you, they’ll do these 6 things — A lot


It’s the little things that matter.

We all have hundreds of friends on social media these days … maybe even thousands. It’s so common, in fact, that it seems too obvious to even point out. Your mom has a thousand followers on Twitter. Your grandfather comments on your Facebook pics and tends to share inappropriate gifs.

These days, maintaining important relationships online seems totally normal.

But, family aside, how many of those hundreds of friends do you REALLY count as important in your life?

We’ve got these devices — our smart phones and laptops and tablets —  that are supposed tomake us feel more connected to each other. And sometimes they do. Sometimes the connections we make with technology can be life-saving.

But sometimes life on the other side of a screen can feel incredibly isolating.

Because we need more. 

So how are we supposed to do to keep our real relationships … well … real? How can we tell if the people who are texting us heart emojis every day actually, truly love us?

Fortunately, there are signs we can look for — signs that the people we love are stepping up and offering us something of substance. (And they should expect the same in return.)


Texts are nice, but there are definite actions that those rare important people perform if someone is really that important to them. Actions that don’t involve phones or social media. Actions that make people step out from behind their screens.

Sometimes we just have to be there.


If a person tells you that they love you (and you want to know if they mean it), here are six things they should be doing all the time, regularly, as much as possible. These are ways to make people feel loved that EVERYONE should be doing — so, if you feel the same way, you should totally return the favor!

1. Drop by for a surprise face-to-face visit

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