Sugar daddy with 6 female lovers says money makes him attractive to women he dates


A man has revealed his with six ‘sugar babies’ – and says that his appearance means he would otherwise be single .

The Brit – who is 32 – has been named only as Casper.

But although he is keen to preserve his anonymity, he has spoken frankly about his relationships with younger women.

Sugar babies are women who are looking for a sugar daddy to spoil them with gifts and dinners.

Thanks to his top job at an oil company, he is not shy about money – but says he’s not found love yet.

Casper pays for everything for his sugar babes, and in return he gets the affection and attention.

“Because of my appearance, I’m not very popular. Now I am dating beautiful girls,” he admits.


“I’m realistic: I’m not the picture that most women are looking for.”

That’s why, he says, he signed up for Sugar Daters, a daring dating site which offers to match ‘sugar daddies’ to ‘babies’.

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Casper says while it may raise eyebrows, it was an obvious step for him.

“I don’t have a wife or children and have been a bachelor all my life. Finances play the most important role for me.

“I see myself as a grown man with experience of life, which has complete control over his life and economy and I want to share these opportunities that life gave me with an attractive lady.”

Casper says he prefers women over 23, and as his work takes him to Scandinavia, he says he’s spread out his ‘babies’ geographically.

“At the moment I have six sugar babes – one in the UK, one in Norway, one in Sweden and three in Denmark.


“It varies how much money I spend with each of them, but on average on a date is between £200 and£500… [But] the ladies never get paid in cash.”

He reveals his babe in Norway loves beautiful new clothes, while in Sweden, he helps his female companion with rent.

Of the Danish babes, one likes to join Casper on holidays, one loves clothes and the other one has weekly spa packages.

The Brit, he says, cannot get enough of jewellery.

He reveals that the most he has ever spent on a date was around £1,000, for a full evening of theatre, dinner, drinks and hotel stay including room service and a spa treatment.

But he says he’s happy to pay.

“The ladies in question give me something for my money back: companionship.

“Because of my appearance, I’m just not very popular among the ladies . Now they always claim that it is the inside that matters until they meet me.


Spa treatment,

“Appearance means a lot also to women even though they claim otherwise, and also what’s ‘downstairs’ also matters.”

Casper says many of his friends have attractive girlfriends, or they are being successful when they meet women in pubs, but he’s never had this luxury.

“Sometimes every man wants to be able to date a beautiful girl. Sex doesn’t automatically belong on a date, in fact, I feel offended if the lady in question assumes that sleeping with me is a ‘must’.

“If she brings up the sex topic too soon, then it’s over for me.”

He says he did have one bad sugar babe date when they met in a hotel bar and when she brought up sex within 10 minutes: “I felt cheap and insulted.”

However, there have been some real highlights, he says.


“My best experience was when I went on vacation with one of the girls to New York. She had never been there and it has always been a dream for her to go there.

“To see the look of joy on her face the first time when we were on Time Square and the first time we walked on Broadway… That look of pure gratitude: that was my best experience.

“However, it remains somewhat depressing occasionally with your nose pressed to the fact that the ladies do it for the ‘benefits’ and not for you as a person. It sometimes gives me a bad feeling, but when I think of the fact that I’ve been alone my entire life, it still beats that.

“It doesn’t bother me that they’re not in it for love, I still get attention in return. Everybody needs somebody.”

Despite believing that the companionship is what matters, he says that there is one he prefers of all his babes, but he knows that he’s unlikely to be able to make a monogamous relationship with her.

“I am totally crazy about one of the girls I am dating, I prefer to only date her and not see the rest anymore, I meet her the most. She is so fun to hang around with and her interests are exactly the ones I am looking for in a lady.

“But she is a sugar babe that sees several sugar daddies… I didn’t dare to ask just yet if I am the one most special from all of them. Maybe when the situation makes me frustrated enough I’ll give up and ask her.

“Of course I’d like to start a family and have children, but for now I like meeting different girls in different cities. It’s time and time again an adventure. I don’t want to let go of this just yet but deep inside I hope there is a sugar babe willing to stay with me for who I am.”



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