Take a healthy break on retreat in Portugal, Europe


Meet Sue & Peter, a couple of yoga teachers that jacked their life in and headed for the mountain ranges in Portugal to open a yoga retreat centre over a decade ago.

They say..

We were both living in the UK back in 2006 and working full time jobs, Peter as a network engineer and Sue as a yoga teacher. We found ourselves really stressed out most of the time because we were working a lot and at the same time looking for a place to renovate into a retreat centre. We looked everywhere in the UK and found it to be too expensive, as we only has a little equity in the house. We decided to turn our focus to finding a place in Europe. We searched all over and eventually found a abandoned house with 4 buildings in central Portugal. Nobody had lived on the property for over 25 years, it looked ideal. We jumped on the plane a week later and arrived in Lisbon, picked our hire car up and drove to the property.

When we arrived the house looked as though it was going to fall down in front of our eyes and we should have really refused to buy it. It took 2 hours for us to say yes and a week later our property was on the market and the deposit was paid. It took two months for our house to sell, so this was meant to be. We left our jobs and moved to Portugal in January 2008 to be faced with a huge amount of work which we had to do ourselves as we wasn’t left with much money to do the renovations.

Slowly we started to renovate the buildings and over the next 18 months we really started to see our dreams be realised. We now call the place Yoga Evolution Retreats, which is a very fitting name as we have found ourselves evolving as we re-built the place. We simply had a plan of taking it one step and one brick at a time and made sure we restored the property back to its former glory as the hub of Amieira.

We have now been holding yoga retreats & holidays here for over a decade and still continue to work really hard on the land by removing all of the trees that have been causing the land to suffer and allowing the indigenous trees to come through. We have even purchased a little more land which takes it up to 13 acres.


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