Withdraw GFA case from court or face ban- FIFA tells Gov’t


FIFA has warned that it may ban Ghana from international football if the Attorney-General’s petition to start the liquidation process of the Ghana FA is not withdrawn from court by August 27, 2018.

The directive was stated in a letter sent to the Liaison Team charged with running Ghana football in the interim as reforms take place in the aftermath of the Anas documentary.

The letter, dated August 13, and signed by FIFA Secretary General, Fatouma Samoura, stated that the FIFA Council had been made aware of the various events and discussions that had taken place over how to reform Ghana football.

It stated details of Kwesi Nyantakyi’s provisional ban by FIFA, the meetings between Ghana and FIFA on June 21, 22 and 28, the creation of the liaison team to help various national teams take part in FIFA-sanctioned competitions, the initial injunction on GFA members and the appointment of a liquidator in relation to assets of the GFA.

However, FIFA said that the scope of the investigations into perceived corruption at the GFA was unclear, and so it views the Government’s decision to start the liquidation process against the FA as one of interference in contravention of Article 19 of its rules and regulations.

Thus, Ghana would be banned from international football if the petition was not withdrawn by August 27.

Below is a link to the letter written by FIFA to the Liason Team:

source: Apple68fm.com

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