Woman posts before and after photos to warn everyone that dyeing hair with henna can be dangerous


A woman called Chemese Armstrong encountered a traumatic hair dyeing experience in the past. She’s actually allergic to Paraphenylenediamine (or PPD), which is a dark dye used in countless hair dye-related products.

Amstrong explains that “More than two-thirds of hair dyes currently contain PPD or related chemicals,”adding that that’s why she aimed to find a more natural option.

When a dermatologist advised Chemese to try dyeing her hair with henna, she then called Jamila Salon Suites in Austin, Texas to ask about the process.


She spoke with an employee, asked a ton of questions, and was told that the henna dye is all-natural, safe, and manufactured right there in Austin. That’s when Armstrong decided to book the appointment.


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Upon arriving at the salon, Chemese told her stylist about her past allergic reaction to hair dye, so they performed a strand test. After 30 minutes, there was no reaction, so both felt comfortable proceeding.

Armstrong’s entire head of hair and scalp was covered with the henna dye, which had to sit for 2-4 hours and then be washed out at home.


After leaving the salon, Chemese soon felt as though her scalp was on fire. Then, her face began to swell, her eyes swelled shut, and the reaction continued to get worse as time went on (even after she washed out the dye and used a clarifying shampoo).


Armstrong ended up visiting her doctor, but nothing improved her situation, so she had to have someone drive her to the emergency room (since she was unable to pry her eyes open at this point).


Credit: Yahoo.com

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